Guest Post: Where I Work by Laura Dockrill

The Dream House from Laura Dockrill, with delightful illustrations by Glenda Millward, is pure delight. What a book! Tender, heart-warming and so engaging. The sort of book that draws you into its world, and wraps you up in its exquisite narrative and artwork. The Dream House handles child bereavement, grief, mental health and the power of imagination beautifully, SO beautifully. As I closed the book after devouring the final pages, I knew it would be a book that would stay with me for a long time.

© Sonny Malhotra

As well as loving Laura’s writing, I’m also super nosy… just me?? Guess what? Laura showed me where she works, where she creates. Come and have a peek with me…

This is a photo of my desk. Writing is quite a solitary job, and at points you can feel a bit lonely – so I keep lots of photos around for company, of my family and friends.

Here is my childhood Barbie doll, Zoe, she also keeps me company. This is actually her first dress in a long time – she was naked for about 15 years. When I’m writing something challenging, it helps me to imagine it’s poor Zoe that’s going through it, not me. It gives me perspective and distance! Sorry Zoe!

I love colour so it’s important to me that my writing environment reflects my personality and makes me feel comfortable, creative and cosy. Sometimes it takes a lot of energy and discipline to sit at your desk all day, so it helps to have a corner of the world that you find makes you happy and safe. It doesn’t have to be big or plush but it has to be you.

This is the chill seat, where I sit down and have a cup of tea after a long day of writing, or to read something back and get some distance, or where my partner and son come and sit down to ask me questions like ‘what shall we have for dinner?’

This is my secret chocolate stash.

Chocolate stash? PERFECT.

Huge thanks to Laura for popping by, her latest wonderful book – illustrated by Glenda Millward – is out now…


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