Guest Post: Make Your Own Orca by Leisa Stewart-Sharpe

Leisa StewartSharpe

Huge welcome to children’s non-fiction author Leisa Stewart-Sharpe, back to My Book Corner to talk about her new book, What A Wonderful World – illustrated by Lydia Hill – and, she’s going to help us make our very own ORCA!

WhatAWonderfulWorldWelcome Leisa!  Grab a cuppa and tell us  about yourself and What A Wonderful World

Hello! My name is Leisa Stewart-Sharpe and I write books that take little readers to wild places and bring them face-to-face with wild creatures without ever leaving home! My first book, Blue Planet II illustrated by Emily Dove, was released last year, and my next book What a Wonderful World, illustrated by Lydia Hill, is out now.

What A Wonderful World whisks budding conservationists (8+) off on a tour of our planet – from steamy jungles and towering mountaintops to great polar wildernesses. Along the way they learn about what’s happening to our planet and meet 35 Earth Shakers who are standing up for nature. Best of all, the book is jam-packed with practical tips that young people can put into action today.

What A Wonderful World is a little different to other eco books on the shelves, isn’t it…

I hope so! It explores some of the biggest issues facing our planet. Drawing on my background in journalism, I wanted to meet the scientists, conservationists and activists who are tackling them head on. I call them Earth Shakers, and I started phoning them up, or visiting them in universities and animal hospitals to hear their stories. We worked together every step of the way to make this book as helpful and as hopeful as possible!

To celebrate your book coming out, we’re super excited that you’ve created something special just in time for back to school.

Yes! I know more and more teachers are turning to illustrated non-fiction in the classroom. Gone are the days of text-heavy books – non-fiction today comes alive with gorgeous artwork and stories. I wanted to pull out one of my favourite stories from the book and bring it to life with a bit of junk modelling!

Erich Hoyt, who my children now fondly call Orca Man, fought to protect orcas over seven summers in Canada. His story is one of gentle understanding and a connection with orcas that has lasted generations. Erich campaigned to stop a logging company from floating timber downstream into a bay where the orcas would come to rub their bellies on the pebbles under water. With Erich’s help, the bay became an ecological reserve and some of the same orcas he met 30 years ago still go there today.

Now children can read Erich’s story in What a Wonderful World and then get to work making their own orca using recycling. A fitting way to celebrate this beautiful giant of the seas and Erich’s lifetime fighting to protect them!


Looks great! Can teachers and classes share their creations with you?

Yes please, that would be FINtastic! Please share away on social media, tagging me (Instagram: @leisastewartsharpe and Twitter: @Leisa_Stewart) and using hashtag #whatawonderfulworld

I can’t wait to see everyone’s creations!


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