Grumpy Frog

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Grumpy Frog is NOT grumpy,Grumpy Frog - Ed Vere

he’s quite insistent about this fact – even when questioned by a rather knowing narrator.

But, this particular frog does like very particular things… the colour green, hopping, and winning. No other colour will do, no other activity will do (even when his friends ask him to do other things), and anything but winning?  Well it’s not a pretty sight. Of course, he’s still not grumpy. Not at all.

Many will identify with frog’s very amusing, and very toddler like behaviour. Observing his growing realisation that hmmm, actually he is a little grumpy may well strike a chord. Friends to the rescue, and Frog realises that it is ok to hop out of his comfort zone. Honestly.

Ed Vere’s wonderfully quirky narrative voice leaps off the page, along with those gloriously vivid illustrations. Grumpy Frog is an amusing picture book about compromise, tolerance and friendship – beautifully crafted and great fun to read.


Ed Vere
Ed Vere
Penguin Books

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