Greta and the Giants by Zoë Tucker & Zoe Persico

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Inspired by the true story of Greta Thunberg, Zoë  Tucker and Zoe Persico’s re-telling takes on a captivating fairy tale vibe as Greta and the Giants communicates Thunberg’s message.

‘There once was a girl who lived at the heart of a beautiful forest.’

The animals come to Greta for help when they realise the giants are cutting down their forest to build huge cities. The small way that Greta starts to try and appeal to the giants shows how small actions can lead to big changes.

Tucker carefully communicates the message that the giants just got caught up in what they were doing, they are encouraged to stop, to look and to appreciate and respect the nature surrounding them – a wonderful message for all, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I love Persico’s illustrations of the giants. They are depicted early on as almost faceless. Then, as they slow down and as their appreciation for nature grows, so do their features as we see these kind personalities emerging.

A warm, hopeful picture book with, of course, a very timely message. Tucker and Persico have pitched Greta and the Giants perfectly at little readers and listeners.


Zoë Tucker
Zoe Persico
Frances Lincoln

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