Great Bunny Bakes

greatbunnybakesEllie Snowdon has whipped up a fabulous picture book treat with Great Bunny Bakes.

Great Bunny Bakes tells the story of Quentin, a wolf with an unusual talent – baking. When he receives an invite to compete in a ‘Bunny Bake-Off’, it seems like destiny and he’s so excited. But, as in all good stories, there’s a problem. Quentin is a wolf, NOT a bunny. But that is nothing a disguise can’t fix! So, Quentin proceeds to compete in the baking competition. Unfortunately, there is one contestant who isn’t playing fair. Will Quentin’s disguise be found out? Will the mischief maker ruin the bake off for everyone? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Ellie Snowdon has illustrated the book with a beautiful pastel palette and they are full of little extra details.

Great Bunny Bakes is packed full of hilarity and a whole lot of cake! It is a perfect book to share with your little ones, especially those who love baking.


Elli Snowdon
Ellie Snowdon
Simon & Schuster

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