The Great Big Sleep

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The Great Big SleepThe Great Big Sleep is a delightful new picture book from illustrator Sean Julian. It is a warm and comforting tale, about a bear trying so hard to settle down for his BIG sleep.

As winter approaches bear and squirrel know they must prepare for hibernation. They do everything right … but squirrel just isn’t feeling sleepy. Not at all.

They eat plenty of food, sip on warm miGreat Big Sleep - Sean Julian - picture booklk. Obliging bear tries everything to help his little friend settle down .. bedtimes stories, one last play in the snow. But. When squirrel pulls out his trumpet Bear does what bears do best … and roars at his friend.

Squirrel scarpers, but bear gets worried as hours go past and the winter storm draws closer. Where is his friend?

Sean Julian pens a warm story about friendship. Those scenes of the 2 friends trying to get to sleep will make many giggle. His illustrations are richly vibrant, perfectly matched to the story’s tone. The Great Big Sleep will be a fabulous bedtime read.




Sean Julian
Sean Julian
Penguin Random House

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