Got To Dance by Josette Reeves & Annabel Tempest


Got To Dance, written by Josette Reeves and illustrated by Annabel Tempest is a beautifully bright and uplifting picture book.

Magnus is the very best dancer in the forest. He loves to shimmy and boogie, but when Betty moves into the forest, who also loves to dance, all the animals in the forest are impressed. All except Magnus. When he challenges Betty to a dance-off, it doesn’t go to plan for Magnus. He gives up entirely and vows never to dance again. All the animals come together to conga throughout the forest and the ‘thrumming, humming beat’ makes his feet twitch, legs jiggle and bottom waggle. Magnus can’t help himself, and finds that he has got to dance!

Children will love to spot the great variety of different animals. Tempest’s illustrations are bright and bold, and so colourful which works so wonderfully along side Reeves’ lovely language, which is so fun to say aloud!

Got To Dance is a fantastic heart-warming story for young children and has a wonderful take away that message that you can enjoy the things you love to do, without having to be the best.



Josette Reeves
Annabel Tempest

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