Go Jojo Go!

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go jo jo go

Go Jojo Go! is a stunning picture book filled to the brim with the most breathtaking photography.

Little Jojo is the cutest penguin who really wants her first taste of the ocean as soon as possible. She must wait patiently, learning about the challenges the ocean holds and, of course, learn how to swim (cue some rather cute photographs).

When she final takes a dive to get hold of some yummy fish, the ocean brings up a few gentle surprises including an spell bounding photograph of a graceful minke whale.

Go Jojo Go!’s narrative is lively, quirky and full of little giggles with a fabulous sprinkling of onomatopoeic lines. Those photographs are outstanding (have I mentioned that yet?!), rendering this the perfect book for inquisitive animal lovers.


Tessa Bickford & Jennifer Castles
Tessa Bickford & Jennifer Castles
Allen & Unwin

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