Ghost in the House

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ghost in the house

Ghost in the House, full of rhythm and rhyme, is the perfect blend of spooky creatures and little giggles.

A cute blue ghost swoops and glides all alone in a ‘creepy haunted house’, until a ‘groan’ alerts him to a … mummy. Then the two of them are in the house until a second noise heralds the appearance of ….

Well it’s quite a collection by the end, with that orange stripy monster being my favourite. Atmospheric language creates just the right level of tension, building to a gentle twist at the end.

Ghost in the House is great fun to read out loud.

There is a great flow to Paquette’s language. Her book is filled to the brim with beautifully evocative adjectives. Exciting use of onomatopoeia and just the right level of repetition means this picture book has much to delight young listeners.

“And they creep and crawl

Down the echoing hall”

Adam Record’s illustrations are wonderfully modern. Full of character and texture they compliment Paquette’s narrative perfectly by helping to build tension and create giggles.


Ammi-Joan Paquette
Adam Record
Walker Books

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