Game of Stones

Game of Stones‘The Stone Age was boring’ begins Game of Stones by Rebecca Lisle and Richard Watson but, as I’m always telling my kids, boredom is the mother of creativity and Pod sets about inventing games for his brother, Hinge.

The similarity of Yow-Yows and Crackit to modern versions will go down well with young readers. I shan’t spoil the final twist and well-laid pun at the end but I enjoyed the new theory for the construction of a certain prehistoric monument!

Game of Stones is a follow-up story to Stone Underpants. There must be scope for many more Stone Age adventures for the appealing Pod, especially as we’re about to go wild for all things prehistoric with the new Aardman Animations film Early Man.

Game of Stones is a book with a satisfying, well-thought out story and bright, cheery illustrations which would make a speedy and enjoyable bedtime read.


Rebecca Lisle
Richard Watson
Maverick Books

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