Froggy Day

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froggydayImagine a world where FROGS are EVERYWHERE!

Frogs on the bus, frogs in the park, frogs on the roads stopping the cars…FROGS, FROGS, FROGS! It’s Froggy Day today, from using frog lamps to frog horns, frog’s in the diggers and even frogs in the fairground. Oh no, the frogs are even in school! Yippee says the children as they have fun on FROGGY DAY. But watch out, tomorrow might have something else in store…BUNNIES!
Froggy Day is such an imaginative and hilarious story of a deluge of frogs playing havoc in town!
Heather Pindar’s play on words will have the reader laughing out loud as each page increases the troublesome antics of the frogs. Barbara Bakos creates a fantastic illusion of froggy day with her amazing illustrations that make every page a pleasure to read and devour.

Heather Pindar
Barbara Bakos
Maverick Arts Publishing

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