Fortunately, the Milk

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Fortunately, the Milk

A rollicking good read from wordsmith Neil Gaiman Fortunately, the Milk ticks plenty of boxes.

Firstly, this is perfect for those who have recently graduated to chapter books. 


Gaiman’s writing has an almost picture book quality to it. The light hearted tone and clever use of repetition, are whisked together with a host of crazy characters.

Fortunately the Milk! delivers fun in bucket loads. And it all begins so innocently…

‘There was only orange juice in the fridge.’

Oh dear! Mum’s away, so Dad (who looks remarkably like the author himself), is in charge and needs to prove himself. Well, he can’t let his son and daughter go without out milk on their Toastios can he?

Dad’s ‘walk down to the shop on the corner’ takes ‘ages and ages’, plenty of time for brother and sister to pull faces at each other. When dad eventually returns through the door with ‘a thump and a bang’ he faces an inquisition,

‘Where have you been all this time?’

Let the fun begin as dad recalls his adventure … it starts with ‘a huge silver disc hovering in the air’, involves green, ‘gloppy’ and ‘grumpy’ alien like creatures, the Queen of Pirates, a time machine, and an invention obsessed Stegosaurus better known as Professor Steg. But of course, that all important carton of milk plays a very important part.

Loved, loved that ending. A great one liner that fits perfectly with that picture book quality I love. (All great picture books end with a fab final line).

Chris Riddell has created wonderful illustrations to accompany Gaiman’s lively narrative. Pencil styled sketches appear on many of the pages, bringing Dad’s crazy adventures to life.

Just perfect for young readers, although we know that Dads are going to love reading this one too … Dad is truly the hero of this adventure.


Neil Gaiman
Chris Riddell

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