Follow Finn – A Search-and-find maze book

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Follow FinnFollow Finn is the new title from  Peter Goes, the author of international bestseller Timeline. It sold over 20,000 copies!

Let me say from the beginning, this book is a stunner! It’s got ‘gift potential’ written all over it. Rich in detail and brilliantly imaginative, it held our attention for an absolute age.

The narrative introduces the readers to Finn and his dog, Sep. Would you believe it – the goblins have created absolute chaos in his house!

Follow FinnWhen Sep chases after them, Finn must follow too. And so unravels a wonderful chase, through maze after maze set in an imaginative mix of subtlety coloured settings. Underground, overground, under the sea, in a castle, towers and battlements – a truly eclectic mix.

Upon each of the beautifully thick pages Goes has created a myriad of mindbogglingly richly detailed mazes.

You’ll become wonderfully absorbed in each page – find the right keys for the right locks in the castle, find the ‘nine helpful starfish’ in the ocean, find the lamp in the garden maze – and so much more. So much more.

Follow Finn is a mesmerizing book – highly recommended.




Peter Goes
Peter Goes
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