Florentine and Pig Have a Very Lovely Picnic

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Florentine and Pig Have a Very Lovely Picnic is a fun, summery picture book from Eva Katzler and Jess Mikhail.

What would you choose for the scrummiest, most loveliest picnic ever? Florentine has some great ideas. So great that she writes them down very quickly making ‘Pig’s eyes go big and funny.’

Florentine and Pig make a great team. When they realise there aren’t enough apples to make their apple and carrot muffins, Pig comes up with a plan. It involves a ladder, a jam sandwich and some great looking apples nestled right at the top of the tree. My favourite scene has to be the double page spread of Florentine listening to Pig’s progress from her position underneath the big tree!

Eva Katzler’s narrative is chock-a-block full with wonderful, giggle inducing adjectives which propel this delightful story along.

‘Pig slurped

and sloshed

and laughed

and licked!’

It’s a perfect one to pour over as Summer begins to shows its warmth, and thoughts turn to lazy picnics in the sunshine.

The vibrancy of Jess Mikhail’s illustrations create an uplifting summery tone which is very catching!

A standout feature of this children’s picture book are the extras included after the story has ended. I love the way in which children are inspired to delve in to the book further through these extended activities.

Full, detailed recipes are included for everything on Florentine’s delicious menu. From Homemade Pink Lemonade with Fresh Berry Ice Cubes to Sticky Red Onion Hummus, the reader is encouraged to continue the story themselves. There are also instructions for making your own bunting … the perfect picnic package!


Eva Katzler
Jess Mikhail

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