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Flip by Martyn Bedford

Flip by Martyn Bedford is a compelling, page-turner of a novel.

Reading this one resulted in me – or rather the book’s cover – gaining many strange and second takes! The cover, chapter numbers and the inside cover are written back to front, flipped around to cleverly reflect the turmoil of the main character Alex … or Philip? Flip?

The narrative focuses intensely on our protagonists grapple with his extraordinary situation – waking up in the body of someone else. Their only connection? Being born on the same day, in the same hospital. Martyn Bedford cleverly explores not only Alex’s reaction to dealing with the situation but also the reaction of those around him – his new parents and sister, his girlfriends and teachers. This shrewd scrutinisation of the characters, of feeling out of place, of trying to reach the bottom of this strange complex puzzle is where Martyn Bedford’s writing talents shine through resulting in a expertly crafted novel which encourages full empathy for the myriad of emotions Alex is whisked through.

Martyn Bedford has taken a motley range of emotions that many young adults will identify with, and has crafted them in to an innovative tale with edge and astuteness that will appeal to, and entertain, a wide audience.


Martyn Bedford
Walker Books

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