flightFlight is the engrossing debut novel from Vanessa Harbour – it’s an action packed, edge of your seat drama involving the dramatic rescue of the precious Lipizzaner stallion horses against the back drop of World War 2.

“If Jakob sneezed he could die.”

How’s that for an opening sentence?!

It’s 1945, and Jakob is hiding in the stables in Austria. Herr Engel, Jakob’s guardian is doing everything he can to convince the SS officers that he ISN’T hiding a Jewish boy on his property. But. Of course Herr Engel is doing just that.

Once the officers have left both Jakob and Herr Engel know that they can’t stay much longer – time is running out. What’s worse is that Major Bauer has his eye on their beloved horses – the stunning Lipizanners. Herr Engel has a plan, but it’s full of risk… they must take the horses over the mountains, and into the safety of the Spanish riding school.

The duo waste no time in getting ready, and start off on their epic journey as soon as possible. It’s fraught with problems. Harbour carefully guides us through a plot full of ups and downs as the duo deal with injuries, hunger and some unwelcome… and welcome visitors.

No spoilers here, but this is a thrilling journey deftly narrated with great characters and full of tension.

Flight is a striking debut, highly recommended.


Vanessa Harbour
Anne Glenn
Firefly Press

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