Father Christmas


Utilizing a fun, comic strip style narrative Raymond Brigg’s classic picture book, Father Christmas, is one that we reach for year after year.

Father Christmas is portrayed by Briggs as an incredibly down to earth chap, if not just little bit grumpy. I mean, traipsing across the world in the cold and dark, with blizzards forecast for the night ahead, is enough to get most people down for sure!

With an intelligent comedic touch Briggs takes us through Father Christmas’s most important day/night of the year. He follows him as he feeds the reindeer, catches snatches from that annoying weather forecast – ‘blooming snow’ – then pulls on his warm clothes.

I love the portrayal of Father Christmas as an ordinary guy living in England with an important job to do. A perfect foil for the over the top schmultzy images. He even uses a wheelbarrow to carry out the presents to his sleigh! Perfect!

When Father Christmas finally settles down to open his own presents his reactions to the various socks and ties creates a few giggles. We loved the image of him nodding off in his comfy chair, paper hat perched on his head and cat snuggling in close.

Briggs has created a endearing portrait of this infamous character, making him more human, loveable and normal. It will certainly appeal to older readers too.


Raymond Briggs
Raymond Briggs

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