Esme’s Rock by Simon Philip & Magda Brol


Esme may be small, but she is brave enough to ride mammoths and loud enough to scare sabre-toothed tigers!

In a prehistoric time, little Esme is preparing a surprise birthday party for her best friend, Morris the mammoth. The bossy girl counts with the people from her village to do the decorations but they are running out of time and Esme is, well, getting louder and louder. Wait, is that a good or a bad thing? Well, while Morris is oblivious to everything, Esme gets all the help that she needs from other villagers who can hear her screams.

I really like the book’s premise.

Cave-people have done murals for ages. They should be great in drawings, right? So what would be the best birthday surprise they could do? A humongous mural! The spread with the final surprise mural is great to see, Esme’s rock is so big that you have to turn the book vertically to enjoy it.


I really appreciate it when books stimulate children to draw, I would love to get a big mural drawing for my birthday. Esme’s rock is a big mural that shows a whole community coming together to make it something special. Simon Philip & Magda Brols’ book is clever, funny, and will inspire whoever reads it want to draw.


Simon Philip
Magda Brol
Oxford University Press

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