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Electrigirl, from Jo Cotterill (words) and Cathy Brett

Electrigirl, from Jo Cotterill (words) and Cathy Brett (illustrations), is a totally absorbing chapter book presented in a great format – part book, park comic. It works brilliantly.

‘If I hadn’t argued with my best friend, I’d never have been struck by lightning. But if I hadn’t been struck by lightning, I’d never have got my superpowers.’

The opening lines launch the readers straight into the action. Holly’s encounter with a very strange bolt of lightning drastically changes her life. Luckily her comic obsessed brother, who plays a major part in the narrative too,  is on hand to be her mentor as Holly comes to terms, and attempts to control, her superpower … electricity.

Meanwhile, Holly’s mum has become obsessed with the new mobile phone company that’s set up in town … CyberSky, and her best friend Imogen? Well, since CyberSky handed out free phones to everyone she has become addicted to the free app it contains. She’s changed – distant, aloof. Holly’s first mission is just around the corner …

Cotterill’s narrative flies along at a great pace. Touches of humour are carefully placed as Holly tries to control her power. Cathy Brett’s illustrations turn the narrative into comic format at key points of Holly’s power. This format works just brilliantly for those super power scenes, and those with a high level of action.

Electrigirl is fabulously paced, a brilliant format which will appeal to comic fans. Fans of 2015’s My Brother Is A Superhero will love this one.


Jo Cotterill
Cathy Brett
Oxford University Press

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