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Elinor NashEle Nash has been painting and writing for ages. It began with illustrated stories of her toys going to meetings and pictures of her sleeping cat. After she finished a degree in Graphic Design, followed by a PGCE in Primary Teaching. She exhibits mixed media paintings in and around her home city of Bath, preferring to use newspapers, zips, buttons, bra-straps – things most sensible people throw away.

Ele didn’t try to write again until her early 30s when she had an idea for a novel. Writing very rapidly became an addiction. She sent the first few chapters to the Golden Egg Academy, where Imogen Cooper, previous head of fiction at Chicken House Publishers, advises her. She is also represented by Kate Shaw from The Viney Agency.

Ele writes in much the same way as she paints, piecing together ideas and experiences until a picture emerges. Her story, The Ghost Boy, won the 2014 Bath Short Story Award.
She is currently working on a novel for Young Adults, entitled The Sister of the Boy Who, as well as her short story collection, The World Within.

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