Earth Verse

Earth Verse

Earth Verse: Explore our Planet through Poetry and Art from Sally M Walker and William Grill does exactly what it says atop that sumptuous cover.

Each verse is a perfect haiku – what a brilliant teaching resource already –  Murphy begins her exploration by examining earth in context “third one from the sun” before getting closer – the earth’s core, layered sediment, lava rock and fossils “nestled in sandstone”

Her narrative explores the energy of earth as displayed in extreme occurrences of tsunamis and volcanoes, whilst William Grill’s distinctive illustrative touch add energy and detail to each haiku.

Murphy follows the melting icebergs, then delves back underground before finishing with stalactite and stalagmites.

Nine pages at the end are given over to more detailed paragraphs on the topics touched on by Murphy’s haikus.

This book not only whets the appetite, but provides instant further reader for inquisitive readers too.

Grill’s wonderful illustrations first came to our attention in the immersive Shackleton’s Journey, then again when he designed the cover of I’ll Be Home For Christmas . In his latest creation they do not fail to disappoint. Gorgeous use of colour, white space and a delicate touch ensure they are truly absorbing.

Earth Verse: Explore our Planet through Poetry and Art is a beautiful gift for enquiring minds.



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