Duck For A Day

Fun, quirky and with a great sense of humour the descriptive qualities of Duck For A Day put it head and shoulders above many adult books!

Remember that time of year? When the teacher decides who is going to take the classroom pet home for the holidays?! Meg McKinley accurately captures the anticipation surrounding this event!

… but of course, this is no ordinary and pet and Mrs Melvino is no ordinary teacher. The pet is Max the Duck and Mrs Melvino is VERY particular about who takes him home. No matter what they do, the individuals in the class including our main character Abby – just can’t seem to get everything just right for Max and Mrs Melvino’s his demands.

“Every day, Max got more demanding.”

… eventually the children are compiling mini projects full of the most intricate details to prove they have got everything just so for Mrs Melvino Max.

The nuances of Mrs Melvino’s character are wonderfully built up as the novel progresses. However the star of the book really is, apart from Max of course, Noah and the storyline surrounding him.

Not only is Noah in Abby’s class but he lives next door, with his messy garden and noisy siblings, he always turns up late, is scruffy and is a bit of a loner. I love how Meg McKinley turns this character around and develops him throughout Duck for a Day, for me he emerges as a really great character and point of interest, and ultimately one of the key reasons I loved this book so much.


Meg McKinley
Leila Rudge
Walker Books

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