Dream Big, Little Mole by Tom Percival and Christine Pym


Oh my! Just look at that gorgeous inky blue cover… isn’t it divine? And what greats you inside the cover is equally gorgeous. Come and meet mole, the creation of Tom Percival and Christine Pym…

Mole is feeling a little sad, as she watched all the animals flying, swimming and leaping, oh how she wished she could do something too. A wise owl (they are always so wise), give her some sound advice…

“Mole tried to dream big, but her thoughts were a blur.

Nothing she dreamt up felt quite right for her.”

After a few failed attempts it suddenly dawns on Mole that digging is her thing. BRILLIANT! She sets off to dig the biggest hole ever!! But. There are more than a few mishaps on the way – poor fox, poor hedgehog.

Will Mole’s hole ever work?

A chat with otter sets her on the right track, but you’ll have to read the rest yourself to see how it unfolds.

I adore the plethora of animals integrated into the story. Each one with their own little backstory. And I LOVED how Christine depicts both fox and rabbit’s homes. Adorable!!

Dream Big, Little Mole is an utterly charming and perfectly cosy picture book about perseverance, friendship and finding your own special place in the world.


Tom Percival
Christine Pym

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