Dragon Storm: Tomás & Ironskin by Alastair Chisholm


Cover: Ben Mantle

Hold on to your swords… there’s a shiny new series in town, and it’s a fiery, flame-crackling winner from Alastair Chisholm, with wonderful black and white illustrations from Eric Deschamps and that gorgeous cover from Ben Mantle.

Perfectly pitched at 7-9 year olds, this is a great reading-out-loud gem for Year one and two in particular – it’s face-paced, sprinkled with magic, great characters and… dragons! Perfect!

Meet Tomás, his more than content helping Mum and Dad in their forge, crafting swords to sell to the king of Draconis. These swords are being sold at a great price, for they are no ordinary swords, they will be used to battle against dragons. Dragon. Yep. It’s just that no one has seen them. Not really. But the fear is real.

Tomás’s life changes when he sees a face in the firey flames of the forge – it’s a form he doesn’t recognise. It belongs to something he has never, ever seen before. And it changes EVERYthing. It leads to Tomás finding a new skill, an amazing skill but to accept it he must learn something very important. Can he do it? Can he become a member of the Dragonseer Guild?

Dragon Storm is an exciting, fiery adventure – I’m gonna say it – it’s a real fire-cracker! How could I resist?!


Alastair Chisholm
Eric Deschamps
Nosy Crow

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