Don’t Spill The milk!

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Don’t Spill The milk!

Take a look at that front cover!

I know, it’s fabulous isn’t it?!

The vibrancy continues through out with bold splashes of colour and energy as we follow Penda in a picture book that is sure to brighten up your day in more ways than one.

Penda, from a tiny village in Africa, is feeling rather grown up. She is surely old enough now to take the milk up to her Daddy in the grasslands?

With stern warnings of, yep you’ve guessed it, ‘Don’t spill the milk!’ Penda sets off with the bowl carefully balanced on her head.

Stephen Davies’ narrative is great fun to read out loud.

Lively adjectives accompany Penda as she makes her way across the river, past camels and giraffes,

‘Don’t shiver, don’t quiver,

don’t fall in the river, girl.’

Corr’s colour palette is truly fabulous – succulent oranges, sunshine yellows and vibrant blues dance off the page. Each page contains a wealth of detail.

The true beautiful moment is when Penda reaches her Daddy, I challenge you not to emit a small contented sigh.

Don’t Spill the Milk! is a picture book about family love, pure and simple.

It’s a book that celebrates love and caring.

It’s adorable.


Stephen Davies
Christopher Corr
Andersen Press

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