Don’t Eat Pete by Sue Walker & Carlo Beranek


When Moll needs someone to look after her pug called Pete, she asks her Uncle Boll for help. The only thing is, Uncle Boll is a troll and is very, very hungry. Can she trust Uncle Boll not to eat her puppy or will his rumbly tummy get the better of him? As the story unfolds, Pete begins to despair that Uncle Boll is not sharing any of the food, he’s keeping it all to himself! There’s only one thing that Pete can do…

Don’t Eat Pete is a fast paced rhyming picture book filled with colourful pages and fantastic shout out moments for young readers and their grown up helpers alike. Sue Walker’s text along with Carol Beranek’s bright and humorous illustrations will make this a ‘read again’ story for every child.


Sue Walker
Carlo Beranek
Maverick Arts Publishing

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