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Dog In BootsHow many picture books have you read about two dogs falling in love? I’m guessing it’s next to none!

Dog in Boots, from Paula Metcalf, is a delightful, funny and original story, with ‘lift-the-flaps’ adding an extra fun dimension.

Philip is in love with his neighbour Penelope. There’s just one problem. Philip is short and Penelope is really tall. This worries Philip – how will Penelope ever love him if he is too tiny to kiss her, even on tip toes? Philip has a number of attempts to make himself taller, with the help of his friend Ralph. However, each attempt doesn’t go as planned…

My 3 year old daughter loved this book and said ‘it was so funny’ because of the twist at the end. We both really loved the hilarious ways that Philip tries to make himself look bigger. My husband was crying with laughter so much throughout the story!

A perfect, funny story for the whole family to enjoy.


Paula Metcalf
Paula Metcalf
Oxford University Press

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  1. Dig in boots is a great book

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