Dixie O’Day In The Fast Lane

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Dixie O’Day In The Fast Lane

Dixie O’Day is from the talented hands of mother & daughter duo Shirley Hughes and Clara Vulliamy. Yes, you read those two names correctly – what a treat!

This is the first in delightful illustrated chapter book series for young, newly independent readers. The short chapters make it perfect for bedtime reading!

You can’t beat a book that begins with a quirky Q&A with its main character, plus a town map. 

Love maps at the beginning of books!! There’s lots to soak up before you even reach Chapter One. Delightful.

Dixie is a loveable charming dog, resplendent in his waistcoat. He is very proud of his little red car. It may be old, but that doesn’t matter. Dixie insists on taking ‘great care’ of his car, and polishes until it shines on a very regular basis, all with a little help from his best friend Percy. Both are beyond cute!

Percy and Dixie spend their days heading to the country and enjoying picnics, when their little car isn’t breaking down! They really are quite charming. 

In parallel is Lou-Ella who ‘bought a new car every year,’ this year she has a ‘very expensive’ ,‘brand-new pink convertible.’ Nice. Unfortunately, she, is not so nice.

The town car race from Didsworth to Dodsworth is the main feature of the book. No prizes for guessing which two cars are amongst those who decide to enter! Cue a fabulous adventure featuring  ‘crazy vehicles with a touch of Wacky Races’. Love it!!

The characters meet a variety of incidents along the way, giving each a chance to show their true colours. No spoilers here ….

Clara’s detailed illustrations are perfectly charming. Dominated by shades of red, grey and black there’s something almost vintage about them. Dixie is a perfect crossover from picture to chapter books, with Clara’s illustrations playing a major part in the storytelling process.

In the Fast Lane is an utterly charming start to a new series which is sure to be popular.

Accessible and fun, you are going to love it!


Shirley Hughes
Clara Vulliamy
Random House

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