Dino Wars – The Trials of Terror

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dinowarstrialsofterrorAdam and Chloe are twins, they do everything together. Now that the Dino Wars are over, they need to find the remaining Dilotron crystals to stop the Coda Program. With dinosaurs living in harmony with humans, the Coda Program will destroy them all, leaving Earth a minefield of leftover waste from those who had been before.

Travelling to Pterosaurs, Adam, Chloe and their dinosaur friends help each other through the maze of underground tunnels and secret passages to try to find the missing crystals. Thwarted by the Pteranodon Priest who pretends to help, their friends are captured and can only be set free once Adam and Chloe complete the Trials – a series of illusions, games and clues.

Do they find the treasure that will ensure the release of their friends or will they lose their way in the labyrinth beneath the city? One wrong turn and they will be lost forever!

Dan Metcalf’s second book in the Dino Wars series is a fast-paced thriller with jumps and scares at every turn of the page. The reader will race through each chapter rooting for Adam and Chloe as they are put to the test in order to save their friends.

With super illustrations from Aaron Blecha throughout, this is a must-read for Dino War fans!


Dan Metcalf
Aaron Blecha
Maverick Arts Publishing

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