Digby’s Moon Mission

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Digby’s Moon Mission by Renee Price is about a young boy’s curiosity, his determination to solve his quandary and a rather amusing ending.

Renee Price conveys Digby’s narrative in a mixture of prose and verse which controls the pace quite perfectly.

Digby is rather concerned,

‘Why is the dark so dark?!’

A glance at the state of the moon seems to answer this question. Well, there must be only one solution … with the moon looking ‘banana-thin’, it surely must be hungry!

Price’s command of verse steps in as Digby and ‘his very bestest friends’ concoct a different delicious supper each day of the week. The use of verse during this section adds a wonderful energy and change of pace to convey the chaos caused in the kitchen!

I loved the fist pumping page when Digby spies a full and content moon in the sky.

Digby’s Moon Mission is a fun picture book, which is certain to provoke questions about the moon … and will elicit giggles from that ending.


Renee Price
Anil Tortop
Creat It Kids

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