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Demon Dentist - David Walliams

Witty and original. It’s the spark in David Walliam’s writing that has us coming back for more. Everytime.

Inventive storylines combined with a host of eclectic, larger than life characters make the Demon Dentist great fun, and hugely entertaining.

Alfie is our main character in theDemon Dentist. Alfie does not like the dentist. Not, one, bit.

When Miss Root, the new dentist, appears in town things start to go wrong. This only adds to Alfie’s original fears.

In a delightful Dahl-esq manner, Walliams always ensures his young characters are the true hero of his novels. Alfie is no exception here. He, with a little bit of help, must work out what is going wrong in this town.

Why are children putting their teeth under their pillows only to wake up to bat wings, or ant eggs? Why does Miss Root tell everyone to call her mummy, and why does Winnie insist on eating their last biscuits?

Young readers are going to find much humour amongst the, urm, interesting characters that populate these pages.

Firstly there is Winnie speeding up and down in her scooter, Mr Grey the head teacher who is far from fearsome … and then there is Texting Boy. His appearances are brief, but ingeniously timed.

This is a great novel to read out loud too. The fast paced and humorous dialogue render Demon Dentist incredibly enjoyable. 


David Walliams
Tony Ross
Harper Collins

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