Deep in the Ocean by Lucie Brunellière


Warning! Be prepared to lose oodles of time lost in the depths of these stunning illustrations!

I spent an evening story time sharing this book with my 5 year old, he was mesmerised by the abundance of sea life beautifully captured on each suitably over-sized page. I’m used to him stalling bedtime but for once I could totally understand why he needed to take his time devouring every inch of these pages. In addition to the stunning artwork there is an atmospheric soundtrack available online which sails you away to a multi-sensory underwater world!

The story follows the journey of the Oceanos submarine (depicted in a glistening metallic silver in the illustrations) from the dive down below the surface to the dark depths of the abyss. From icy polar waters to a warm tropical sea. On the way the crew witness marine life of all shapes and sizes, all expertly named in the text of the book. My son loved finding them in the lively, colourful illustrations and listening out for them on the soundtrack.

Deep In The Ocean is now going to live in our school library and I just know it is going to be popular. It’s a good job it is a board book because its pages are going to take some bashing! I can’t wait to hear the conversations it inspires amongst its young readers.

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