My Dad by Susan Quinn & Marina Ruiz

Here’s a definite for the Father’s Day wish list, delighting in the ordinary things a dad does day in, day out.

This rhyming text tells of a dad who isn’t heroic or mega-exciting like an astronaut or a racing driver but one who makes everyday events like gardening and shopping fun. I loved the watercolour illustrations by Marina Ruiz who’s taken such care to make this an inclusive book. The front and back covers working together is a nice touch too and there’s a real charm and movement about the pictures within.

The last page suggests Dad and boy are on their own now, and Mum only pops up in photos if you look hard, which makes this particularly apt for single dads to share.

Oh, and Father’s Day is the third Sunday of June, if you want to plan ahead…



Susan Quinn
Marina Ruiz
Words & Pictures

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