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Counting With Tiny Cat Counting With Tiny Cat is a delightfully fun picture book from Viviane Schwarz. Featuring that fabulous cat from the There Are Cats In This Book series, it showcases Schwarz’s fun visual humour and witty narrative.

Tiny cat begins with ‘none’, then the number of red balls of wool increases. After four comes ‘even more’ – with Tiny Cat looking quite surprised, and then very smug when up to ‘about a dozen.’

How many can Tiny Cat carry? ‘some extra’ is one of my favourite pages, you just know what’s going to happen when Tiny Cat – arms laden – spots one more on the floor.

Great use of white space, help make the bold strokes of Tiny Cat vibrant and full of character. Almost imperceptibly small changes to the brush strokes, ingeniously alter the cat’s expression making for fun reactions.

It is quite clear that Counting With Tiny Cat is the best way to count! And if you need more Tiny Cat (of course you do), take a peek at the end papers… adorable!

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Viviane Schwarz
Viviane Schwarz
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