Chicken Nugget In Scrambled Egg

Chicken Nugget In Scrambled EggIf you happened to catch my last review (Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory) then you’ll know that I’m on a diet. Had to happen. Waaay too many chocolate eggs. SO, imagine my eggcitement to receive a book featuring not one but too delicious food reminders: Chicken Nugget in Scrambled Egg. Yikes. Give me strength. I LOVE chicken nuggets. Very much. And I love scrambled egg too. *Feels diet resolve wavering*. Turning the pages I discover there are also characters called Burger, Fillet, Drumstick and Benedict. And my ultimate undoing… Mrs Kiev. *Gulp*. I’m not even 10 pages into this book and I’ve had to nip down to the shops to get a snack. Back at my desk, feeling guilty but sated, I can NOW tell you about this tasty charming book.

Chicken Nugget has a baby brother on the way. And as Mama reminds him, and his rambunctious siblings, the egg (aptly named Benedict) “can hear every word”. Well-intentioned Nugget takes Benedict out to play… but decides he needs a break from the baby so leaves him in the care of an inadequately disguised fox.


After enjoying his freedom for awhile, Nugget remembers he was supposed to be looking after the baby. Double oops. To his horror, Nugget discovers a fox was posing as Mrs Kiev, the chicken. In actual fact, poor Mrs Kiev is trussed up on the barbie back at her place, with a frantic fox in the kitchen perusing egg recipes for Benedict.

Sheesh. This is perilous stuff. Let’s recap… an abandoned egg, a hungry fox and (potentially) a succulent chicken barbecue. BUT, it’s all been handled in just the most brilliant way.

Michelle’s got a fantastic way with words. Every page is simply written; few words that sing with the voices of her characters. The kid characters sound exactly like kids. That’s not easy to do. And towards the end of the book there are some lovely tender moments between Mama and Nugget. (Sorry tender is a terrible word to use in the context of chicken… but you know what I mean).

Tom McLauglin has written and illustrated many books, and in this one, his experience as a political cartoonist helps inject plenty of humour in a gently satirical way. Gotta love that image of Mrs Kiev’s trussed up legs poking out behind the shed.

By the end of this book you’re cheering for hapless Nugget, who of course saves the day, in the most heart warming way. One to chick out.


Michelle Robinson
Tom McLaughlin
Penguin Books

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