Cakes in Space

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Cakes in Space

Cakes in Space is the latest chapter book from the talented duo Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre, and it sure is a rollicking good space adventure.

Unique, quirky and immense fun this one had us on the edge of our seats.

Astra is off to space. Yep!

She and her family are part of a huge group being whisked off to another planet. Well, when I say whisked off … it is actually going to take them 199 years! It’s ok, because they’ll be sleeping for the whole journey whilst a fleet of highly sophisticated robots take charge.

What could possibly go wrong??

Just before she settles in to her sleeping pod Astra has the munchies. She discovers an awesome robot that can make anything. ANYTHING! After sampling the biscuits Astra asks for ‘the ultimate cake’ … a challenge for most chefs.

What could possible go wrong?! Hmmmm ….

A malfunction causes Astra to wake early. Befriending the endearing robot Pilbeam she soon discovers that the Nom-O-Trom is still trying to make ‘the ultimate cake’. Not only is the ship now awash with scary monster cakes (complete with eyes & razor sharp teeth), but the immense levels of power it is using to bake & create is now causing huge problems in the space craft.

Combine monster cakes with a ship that is in chaos and a group of aliens otherwise known as the Poglites of Quarl, and you’ve got a great adventure in your hands.

Philip Reeve’s comic narrative is fab. Love the details, love the dialogue. His language is a rich feast, making this a cut above for readers.

Sarah McIntyre is a bit of a genius when it comes to comics – her two tone palette here lends the novel a wonderfully mature tone that independent readers will relish.

Make sure you check out Oliver & The Seawigs & Pugs of the Frozen North by the same authors.


Philip Reeve
Sarah McIntyre
Oxford University Press

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