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Boris - My Book Corner

From the creator of The Terrible Plop and Too Many Elephants comes a great series of engaging chapter books, perfect for the emerging reader.

The Boris books are presented beautifully. The vibrant covers open to reveal full colour images on each page. With a mixture of straight narrative and speech bubbles from the characters, these ones are perfect for introducing the dynamics of dialogue.

Each Boris book ends with an activity for readers to complete themselves. It’s the perfect way on extending the learning further and is presented in a handwritten style with easy step by step instructions.

The male protagonist of these books make them a perfect choice for boys in particular, and the girls who really aren’t in to all fairies and rainbows!

Book 1: Boris {price comparison for this edition at the top of this page}

Boris is the first in the series and introduces the reader to Boris and his family … who live in a bus. This bus used to go everywhere. His parents enjoyed many adventures on it, so Boris can’t understand why he hasn’t enjoyed adventures in it too. A trip to a national park results in Boris having his own adventure!

Book 2: Boris Gets a Lizard

Boris spends every Tuesday in school talking about the Komodo Dragons – you’ll be an expert on them too once you have completed this book! This one involves Boris’ friends, some nice touches of humour and instructions on how to make your own dragon puppet.

Book 3: Ready, Set, Boris

Boris and his friends Alice and Frederick are just so fed up with Eddie winning absolutely everything … surely it must be there turn by now?! They embark are a great training plan to get themselves ready for Sports Day. With an unexpected lesson about friendship and how-to-guide for an obstacle course at the end, this one is really enjoyable.

Book 4: Boris Sees The Light

Great humour in the fourth book of the series when the three friends – Boris, Alice and Frederick – decide to camp out side for the night, with a lovely ending.


Andrew Joyner
Andrew Joyner

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