Billy And The Beast

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billyandthebeastBilly And The Beast is the latest picture book from Nadia Shireen (The Cow Who Fell To Earth) – it’s a stonkingly good one, with great humour emanating from both the narrative and the illustrations

Billy and The Beast is chock-a-block full of humourous touches that had my audiences giggling heaps when I read it out loud. First there’s Billy and her side kick… Fatcat. Then they meet a terrible beast, know as The Terrible Beast. Cue more giggles.


The Terrible Beast wants to eat up Billy’s friends… grated hedgehog, spicy mice, bushy fox tail. How will Billy fix this?!

With each turn, Billy must think VERY hard to prevent each of her friends ending up in that big green cooking pot.

Luckily, not only is Billy VERY good at thinking quickly, but she also has a stash of handy bits and bobs tucked into her rather wonderful hair.


The “terrible rumble” page turns resulted in lots of open mouthed stares, and the fate of the The Terrible Beast was found to be VERY funny by one class in particular… might have to keep a close eye on them!

Billy and The Beast  is a brilliantly plotted picture book filled with oodles of entertainment, gasps and giggles.



Nadia Shireen
Nadia Shireen

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