BIG Kids Magazine – Treasure Map Edition

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BIG Kids Magazine - My Book Corner

“draw on the pages, mess up the maps, colour in edges and write on the backs”

… and so begins Issue Two in the BIG adventure, a substantial magazine aimed at sparking creativity, engagement and curiosity amongst its readers.

Taking the theme of Treasure Maps as its focus, BIG reached out to all artists – big and little – and asked them to send in their artistic responses, whatever they maybe.

The result is a magazine packed full of art work from artists of all ages, snuggled alongside creative prompts to encourage readers to “dive in and be brave.”

From mind maps, dance maps, flight maps and city maps, editors Jo, Lilly and Luca have explored maps from every angle and presented their readers with countless activities from which to begin their adventures.

I loved the project entitled “Tracking Ants”, create a map based on the paths the ants in the garden take, or lie on your back and track the paths of the birds in the sky. Cut out and make the Phenakistoscope, draw in the treasure the children have just found hidden in the depths of the sand or follow the guide to completing your very own choreographic map – the variety of activities will mean this magazine will have a long shelf life.

Highlights for me include BIGs collaborations with various artists such Dub Leffler. His poem is set against the background of one of his stunning illustrations. I love the fact this is set opposite a fun painting from “Selma, age 4, Germany” truly highlighting BIG’s tone and approach towards all artists and their creative responses.

BIG Kids Magazine is available for purchase now at the BIG Kids website.


Editors: Jo Pollitt & Lilly Blue

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