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Big MagazineThe moment a BIG Kids Magazine lands on the door mat is always a big moment, and not just due to the heavy thud it makes, (this is one substantial magazine!) The arrival of Issue 10:Humans, was no exception.

BIG’s unique stance is to feature the work of both children and artists side by side. It’s an open invitation to create, and their special 10th edition – ‘Human’ – invites you to put your mark on the pages, to consider this magazine as a human and ‘bring this human to life.’ An invitation indeed!

The first invitation is to build a character from collage (with collage materials provided) – a great, creative start. Other activities include drawing the inside of a busy human’s mind, inventing new human emojis. The inclusion of artist interviews make for lovely reading – adult and child artists are featured on the same double page. Art responses – from both adult and child – are always put side by side too, heartening and quite wonderful to see the similarities… and a huge confidence boost for little artists too, yes?

BIG Kids Magazine is both thoughtful and inspiring – the invitations to create are imaginative and encourage little (& big) artists to launch themselves well and truly out of the box (Leap Of Faith sculptures). The artwork included throughout the pages is creative and thought provoking (Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Hiding In Plain Sight).

The 67 gloriously thick pages of BIG Kids Magazine can’t fail to inspire you, it continues to be a kids magazine quite unlike any other. I adore it.


Editors: Jo Pollitt & Lilly Blue

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