Big Cat by Emma Lazell

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Big CatBigCat, the debut picture book from Emma Lazell, is a hilarious tale about what could happen if you loose your glasses. Oh my! I need to take notes, mine are always going missing, and my eye sight isn’t getting any better either…

Back to the story- our narrator’s Grandma is a cat loving, spectacle wearing kindly lady, but, she’s lost her glasses. So when our narrator makes a discovery at the bottom of the garden..

“Grandma look, I’ve found a cat.”

How IS she supposed to know that it’s actually a tiger? Oops! They try everything to find it’s owner, to no avail. Then the other cats in the house get a bit (ok, A LOT) put out when there’s no food left to eat… because Big Cat has eaten it. All. And is STILL hungry.

Emma Lazell’s words work effortlessly with her artwork to create some wonderfully humorous scenes. There’s much comedy to be had from the situations they find themselves in. Then the ending unravels in the most delightful manner.

Big Cat is a charming picture book, which is fabulous for reading out loud. Reception class adored it!

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Emma Lazell
Emma Lazell
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