Between Sea and Sky by Nicola Penfold


I adore Nicola Penfold’s writing.

I love how she is able to weave environmental themes into her stories in a way that’s fresh, intriguing and full of wonder at the natural world.

Come take a look at Between Sea and Sky – fast forward to the future, where a series of serious climate emergencies have changed life beyond recognition, both on land and sea. Pearl and Clover live on the seas – they know how to respect it, and how it can take care of them. They are convinced the land is not a place for them. Not since their mother went there. Not since she failed to return.

When Nat and his mother arrive from the land, to learn about their way of life, it all starts to unravel very quickly. Dad gets sick and must return to the land. Pearl and Clover? They’ve got a secret. A huge secret. Going to the land themselves… that could end up in disaster, couldn’t it?

A fast-paced story filled with twists, energy and the most visually enticing descriptions.


Nicola Penfold
Stripes Publishing

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