Betty Goes Bananas

Betty Goes Bananas

WARNING! This will have you in stitches if you have ever, EVER encountered a toddler having one of those days.

You have been warned, hold on to your sides and watch what happens when Betty Goes Bananas.

Steve Antony seems to have crawled inside of the head of a typical headstrong toddler, had a look around … then captured those workings perfectly within the pages of his latest creation. I’m just waiting for his book on the solutions now!

Now you see Betty would love to eat a banana. She’s got one in her hands, it looks great. But. She can’t open it. She tries lots of different approaches. Some are logical. Then …

Betty Goes Bananas

she cries, kicks and screams. Still nothing.

The ever so kindly Mr Toucan pops along ‘There is no need for that’. He offers to help, then passes Betty her newly peeled banana.

‘But the banana … was Betty’s and SHE wanted to peel it.’

Oh dear …Betty Goes Bananas

Come on Mr Toucan surely you know better than that? Oh no! Definitely don’t offer to eat it too!!!

Betty is a character that many will identify with. Betty is a character that is going to provide you with many giggles. In fact, ‘throwing a Betty’ may just become the new way of referring to tantrums. Sounds so much better don’t you think?!

Betty Goes Bananas is for parents who need to know they are not alone!! #toddlertantrums #sendhelp


Steve Antony
Steve Antony
Oxford University Press

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