Best Books for Australia Day

Australia Day

With Australia Day fast approaching, we thought it would be a great opportunity to delve into some great Australian picture and chapter books.

Choosing from the fabulous variety, talent and awesome books available has been tricky. We’ve chosen a selection of picture books which, we feel, encapsulate this varied and wonderful land in which we live.

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Our World

Our World: Bardi Jaawi: Life at Ardiyooloon ~ One Arm Point Community School

Learn all about this wonderful community. The main appeal of this book?  It’s written by the children. Follow them as they go ‘Camping at Gooda’, learn how to make men’s spear, how to dig for mud crabs and how to find fresh water.  There’s even a recipe for damper bread!

You and Me

You and Me: Our Place ~ Leonie Norrington

The front cover says it all really – vibrant, mesmerising illustrations – capturing a glimpse of Northern Australian.

Big Rain Coming

Big Rain Coming ~ Katrina Germein

Big Rain Coming captures the feverish excitement of the anticipating the rains which follow long, sun-filled weeks & months, using bold illustrations and beautiful lyrics.

My Country

My Country ~ Ezekiel Kwaymullina

My Country is filled to the brim with exciting colours and lively illustrations of a little girl immersed in the beautiful qualities of her country, Australia.

My Home Broome

My Home Broome ~ Tamzyne Richardson

Delve in to My Home Broome and discover more about this enticing Australian town. I adore this book. Fabulous illustrations and an exciting array of information. I love the attention to detail, not a single inch is wasted.

Road to Goonong

The Road to Goonong ~ David Cox

David Cox’ own experience of a childhood in outback Queensland is told via amusing, entertaining and heartfelt musings this one will continue to give with repeated readings.

Chapter books

Kakadu Calling

Kakadu Calling ~ Jane Garlil Christopherson

Bunitj writer Jane Garlil Christophersen pens five engaging short stories about five different children. A wonderful collection of short stories made more intriguing through the way in which the author has subtly interwoven details about the animals living in Kakadu – snakes, crocodiles, hermit crabs, dingos – this is an animal lover’s perfect book!


Bungawitta ~ Emily Rodda

A bright page turner of a chapter book which is perfect for older primary school children.  Telling a delightful tale of a community joining forces to save their town, Bungawitta is an uplifting story full of humorous snippets from some quirky characters.

Barrumbi Kids

The Barrumbi Kids ~ Leonie Norrington

Pure and simple – it is good quality fun and enjoyment, following the mischief and fun had by two friends, Dale and Tomias. The best news? There are two more in the series. Perfect.

So. Those are our selections. Click on the links to compare online prices for each. Feel free to add your favourites in the comments section below.

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