Ben & Duck

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Ben & Duck is a book about friendship. It’s a story which calmly draws in the reader with its blend of a carefully timed plot and exquisite illustrations.

When Ben first encounters just one, very large duck at the park he really isn’t quite sure. When the duck start to follow him home, he becomes even more dubious. However friendships can, and do, form between the most unlikely pairs … and this come across as a key message from Ben & Duck.

The short sentences capturing a sense of humour as duck attaches himself to Ben are perfect for reading out loud, gaining great giggles from a captive audience.

The illustrations are the ‘sink in to’ type – light, muted water colours draw you in to their calmness. Touches of humour abound from Acton’s attention to detail and her ability to bring the story alive with careful touches. The bath scene was definitely a hit!

Sara hails from the picturesque Cotswolds in England, the influence of the uniquely coloured Cotswold stones may have influenced her colour palate here? Sara can now be found settled in a seaside village close to Sydney.


Sara Acton
Sara Acton

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