Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans

BeautySleepBeauty Sleep is the second Young Adult novel from writer Kathryn Evans, and just like More Or Me Evans, takes her readers on a brilliantly, surprising journey.

We’ve all heard about the idea / theory of being medically frozen… put into a deep sleep, your body preserved until such a time in the future when a cure may have been found for your illness. It’s always one that sparks off lots of debates, but it’s exactly what’s happened to Laura, the protagonist of Beauty Sleep.

The novel opens as Laura wakes up from a deep sleep. A very deep sleep. Confused doesn’t even begin to describe it. She’s suddenly found herself shunted 40 years into the future.  The world has certainly moved on since the 1980s. So much has changed- so much new technology to get used to and to understand. Laura’s memories are fuzzy, but they are returning. Slowly.

As Laura tries to re build her new life, trying to shun the overwhelming publicity  that surrounds her, bits and pieces of her old life start coming back to her. But lots of it doesn’t make sense. Lots. This is a fast-paced thriller of a novel as Laura begins to uncover something much more sinister than she expected, and it begins to put lives in danger. No more… no spoilers!

Beauty Sleep is a clever thriller, laced with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. Perfect for those who love fast paced, plot driven novels.

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Kathryn Evans

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