Bear Has a Story to Tell

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Bear Has A Story To Tell

Bear Has a Story to Tell is the latest collaboration from Caldcott Medal winners, Philip and Erin Stead. The gentleness, warmth and delicate touches of humour that were evident in the award winning A Sick Day for Amos McGee, are all here too.

It truly is a great picture book.

‘It was almost winter and Bear was getting sleepy.’

Before bear goes to sleep for the winter, he really, really, wants to tell his friends his story. As he visits each one in turn, he finds them busy with their own winter preparations, and being the kind bear he is … he gives each one a helping hand. Tucking in Frog ‘under a blanket of leaves and pine needles’ was a favourite for sure!

Elements of selfless friendship, a theme of Amos McGee, surface here with wonderful calmness. The two books work wonderfully together.

Erin Stead’s enchanting illustrations imbue this picture book with a wonderful sense of tranquility. Her depiction of nature, from the Autumnal colours in the sky to the first glimpses of Spring, are utterly engrossing.

Through Erin’s illustrations and Philip’s narration, the reader absorbs so much about the passing of the seasons and the need for animals to prepare in their own way. The subtlety is to be commended.

The ending sneaks in a little touch of humour, which added smiles to our readers as they encountered the final page. Bear Has A Story to Tell highlights Philip’s ability to pen a wonderful story, which simultaneously enchants and entertains. My Book Corner highly recommends it.


Philip C Stead
Erin E Stead
Allen & Unwin

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