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Bea - Christine Sharp

Bea from Christine Sharp is delightful, imaginative and something a little bit special.

Wonderful alliterative sentences and illustrations filled with texture and vibrancy, combine to present a captivating story featuring little Bea.

Little Bea is a bird who likes to be, absolutely revels in being different. Just glance at that cheeky character on the front page – this is one sassy winged creature.

She bathes in bubbles whilst the others splash in puddles, she dances to ‘disco beasts’, whilst the other birds ‘flock together and fluff their feathers.’

As tales of what Bea prefers unfold, it is clear that this bird does things differently for a reason – and this is what I find so captivating about Sharp’s picture book.

You see Bea has a zest for life, a zest for knowledge and a love of all that she sees around her – she doesn’t want to miss a single thing.

Christine Sharp’s illustrations are wonderfully creative, combining an eclectic mix of mediums. Each collage is brimming with details, from beautifully merged photographs and pencil drawings (that awesome looking balloon), to textiles which include shiny stars and those ever so cute egg cosies!

Bea is an utterly charming picture book. The words dance across the pages and leave you smiling as you close those final pages, and turn back to the beginning to start again …


Christine Sharp
Christine Sharp

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