Bad Nana: Older Not Wiser

badnanaoldernotwiserBad Nana is the unstoppable character taking centre stage in this fabulous new series of illustrated younger fiction from Sophy Henn. Get your lemon sherbets and sparkly pink turbans ready… Nana is here!

Bad Nana: Older Not Wiser is neatly divided in to three chapters – three perfect bedtime reading chunks. Also the perfect length for reading in class to little listeners who are ready for slightly longer stories.

Jeanie, age 7 and 3/4 is the quirky narrator of this story. She is full of character, opinions and keen observations. But most of all she has the most awesome Nana whom she absolutely adores. Bad Nana has been banned from the line-dancing club for “being disruptive in the freestyle section”, has a cat with PINK hair and carries a walking stick that’s used for everything BUT walking.

Whilst the first chapter delves into Jeanie’s family, friends and lots of fab details about her Bad Nana, chapter 2 ‘Park Life’ is where Sophy Henn shows us what Nana is really made of. This loveable Nana has a strong sense of fairness and justice, so when a new park keeper decides to plonk unfriendly notices everywhere, full of rules designed to stop any sort of fun, Nana steps in. The results are hilarious.

The final chapter – ‘Bad Nana Lends A Hand’ – is brilliantly paced as Nana comes along on the school trip to the boring local history museum. Henn packs a lot of emotion into this chapter, we really feel for the characters as they tiptoe around the museum trying to avoid the grumpy museum man, and then there’s poor Lydia. Henn handles it all with great skill, sending Nana in to the rescue…

Henn’s decision to use a fabulous pink neon colour to dominate her lively illustrations fits in perfectly with the content of the stories – Bad Nana’s face when she gets angry, the park keeper’s uniform and Liberace the cat – it works brilliantly. Intrigued to know what colour the next one will be.

Bad Nana: Older Not Wiser is laugh out loud funny,  showing just how valuable Nanas truly are.


Sophy Henn
Sophy Henn
Harper Collins

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