Are We There Yet?

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Are We There Yet? - Alison LesterThis has given me itchy feet – there is nothing like Australia for travel, it’s a must do activity … over a long period of time … with the family …  just like Grace in Are We There Yet?

Grace and her family hitch up their pop up camper trailer and head off, literally around Australia.  Alison Lester picks out the quirky and interesting snippets of information about the different places, each is accompanied by bright pencil drawings.

With almost a cartoon style layout, with several pictures and accompanying illustrations on each page, this picture book not only flows well but it holds the reader’s attention by moving swiftly from place to place. Alison cleverly captures the information that her younger readers enjoy, from the practicalities of spending so long driving,

“We all had our favourite positions in the car.”

.. to mum’s subtle way out of tasting a witchetty grub ..

” ‘No, thank you,’ she said. ‘I’m still full from breakfast.’ “

From the red of the centre, the rainbows colours of the reef and the “shadowy green rainforest,” Alison’s colours convey them all magically. Are We There Yet? is an ideal picture to convey to your child the wonder of the Australian landscape.


Alison Lester
Alison Lester
Penguin Books

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